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Birthdate:Aug 5
Website:Fleetfoot Mike
I believe:
...that my religion is to be shared with those who want to know about it, not forced on those who don't;
...that friends shouldn't keep score; the rock, the roll, the backbeat and the power chord;
...that it is possible to love more than one person, and that how you deal with that is a matter of personal choice;
...that legal action should be a last resort;
...that magic is nothing more than belief in the power of desire;
...that it's never too late to apologise;
...that TVs and computers have an off button;
...that trust works better the more you practise it;
...that not being able to choose your family is not sufficient excuse not to respect them;
...that the law should not protect people from their own stupidity
...and that there is no clique.
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