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It's local election day today in the UK, as well as, as I gather, the London Mayoral election. (Well, actually, as I drafted this it was 'tomorrow', but that's beside the point' - it's today now)

Regular readers will no doubt recall that every time this comes along, I post and remind folks to vote or quit moaning. And a range of comments from 'what he said' to a repost of the Libertarian manifesto usually ensue. So, let's take *that* bit as read, shall we?

I shall be voting today. I have to say that since the last general election I find myself getting progressively more and more pissed off with just about everyone who labels themselves a politician, whatever party they represent. 

I also have to say that I am more than a little disappointed that none of the prospective candidates or their agents have seen fit to pay the Mill House a call and canvas for our votes. This year, I'm not voting on party lines. It's a local election, and quite frankly, I want to vote for the person who appears most likely to give a shit about local issues, and preferably spends as little time as possible badmouthing everyone else and as much time as possible telling me why I should vote *for* them rather than *against* some other party. Various candidates have dropped flyers through the letter box, which do seem to contain some useful information.

So. If you're out there on Twitter, and you're on the ballot to represent me in Werrington South? It's not to late to display some intestinal fortitude and comment on this post. What do I care about? Community issues generally, renewable energy, secondary education, where my council tax is going.... So, c'mon. Convince me you give a toss. I'm so generous, I even disabled comment screening for unauthenticated posters for this one.
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