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Tune to follow - I have most of it, but the new MacBook to record it isn't arriving till mid-week.


There's a silence 'cross the barren land
No wind to stir the dust
And metal tools left lying
With no rain to make them rust.
A single footprint marks the place
Where once two heroes toiled.
A flag, forgotten, fallen lies
Amid the dusty soil.
And that one giant leap
Grows further now each day.
To the empty desolation
That's forty years away.
But one small step
Can start us off once more
On that longest march in history
To Tranquility's far shore.
Elsewhere on that landscape
A picture's left behind:
A simple family photo
For some traveller to find.
The one who left it's long years gone -
Safe now, no more to roam.
A reminder of a journey made
So many miles from home.
And that one giant leap....
Far and wide the d├ębris
Of a dozen's labours lie:
Scattered remnants of a time
When mankind dared to fly.
The whole world watched in wonder,
Prayed that they'd be safe home soon.
Old men now, who still recall
Their steps upon the moon.
And that one giant leap...

And that one giant leap
Grows closer now, we pray.
Apollo's distant triumph
We will dare again some day.
Just one small step
Will start us off once more
On that longest march in history
To Tranquility's far shore.
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I went out for a walk from work at lunchtime. There's a very.. London, very English thing that happens on the corner of Shaftesbury Ave and Charing Cross Road just about all day every day - someone is handing out free phonecards for some company or other.

And they're almost never English.

I was reminded of a Radio 5 feature on Polish students doing work on farms in England - someone asked the local unemployed teenagers if they'd do the jobs, and the answer was 'no way'.

I'm not xenophobic, or racist. This song is more me wondering aloud.
And it's bloody hard to remember chunks of lyrics when you're driving! :)

Lyrics behind the cut )
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This one is for [livejournal.com profile] bardling. who asked if I'd thought about writing it after she read the words to the first Dr. Who inspired song I wrote today.

I hadn't.


More spoilers for 'Journey's End' )


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